Monday, July 20, 2009

3.3 Mile Run

Run 3.3 Miles or 6 Big Loops around Station

First 2 Laps- 7:29
Middle 2 Laps - 7:21
Last 2 Laps - 7:26

Total- 22:17

Then... Tabata Pushups

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A New PR!

I went to the Islands on Friday with my brother Nick and his friend James in his 22' Boston Whaler. The plan was to do some fishing and possibly some spearfishing. We got out there around 9 or so and started fishing for a while. After not catching anything for about 30-45 minutes we decided to get it closer to the kelp and give it a shot. There was a lot of bait in the water and the current was not too strong, so I decided to suit up and give it a shot. This particular spot is usually not diveable due to strong currents. This would be the first time I have dove this spot. I decided to take my small 95cm rail gun instead of my new 59" So Cal Tracker because I was not expecting to see anything big. I slipped into the water and instantly saw enormous amounts of bait in the water. I loaded my one band on the 95cm and swam slowly for the kelp. Instantly, I saw the yellow dorsal and tail fins of a large white sea bass on the other side of the kelp. I kept still and waited for the fish to come out on the other side of the kelp, but he never did. SHIT, WHERE DID HE GO! I swam forward another 10 feet and burried myself into the kelp and waited. Sure enough about 1 minute later the fish came around and swam directly underneath me at about 10 feet. This was my chance, I had to take the shot. I knew it had to be a good one because my small one band 95cm doesn't have that much penetration. I dove down quietly straight on top of the fish and let the spear fly. The fish bolted off and I let go of the gun and grabbed onto my float line. At first, I thought I may have missed or the fish came off because there was no tension in the line for about 5 seconds so I gave it a quick tug and the fish exploded toward open water. As I was letting line out I pick up my head and screamed "SEA BASS" to Nick and James who were on the boat about 50 yards away. The fish then took me on a 2 minute  water ski ride towing me around in a large circle until he found himself back in the kelp where he wrapped up in about 20 feet. I dove down to "brain" the fish, but he had one more run in him and he took off into the kelp. About 10 large seals showed up and were circling the fish nipping at the flesh. I had to act quickly to save my catch from the seals. I dove down, put my knife in its brain and the fight was officially over! 

Luke, Nick, and James 

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Team WOD

AMRAP in 10 Minutes of 
95#/65# Power Snatch

Team A- Katie, Luke, Brittney

Team B- Nick, Martha, Matt

Team A Team B
83 Snatches 104 Snatches
184 Wallballs 150 Wallballs
267 254

Fun WOD! I knew who ever did more wallballs was going to win.

Max C2B Pullups - 25
50 GHD Situps (I am feeling those right now)

"Kelly" a few days ago.